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About Us

Somalia has effectively gone without central government, has been embroiled in civil war and a large part of the population has suffered from a humanitarian crisis, eeducation and Health sectors were also almost completely destroyed or dismantled by the civil war. Years of fighting have ensued, leading to the famine, diseases and deaths of nearly one million people. The conflict in Somalia has disrupted social structures and destroyed livelihoods and employment opportunities. A generation of youth has grown up a midst poverty, insecurity and without access to reliable services.

Waddani Charity Foundation (WCF) is registered in Somalia under the Ministry of interior, federal affairs &reconciliation of Somalia rregistration Act (). WCF was founded with the  noble aim of providing humanitarian support to people living in disaster and poverty stricken areas, focusing on the vulnerable communities specially IDPS/Refugee, slums and rural areas by providing medical/physical, emotional, economic, educational and social support in order to free from poverty, injustice and Environmental Threat.

Presently, WCF consists of Waddani Specialist Hospital, Vision international college, a Nursing School and carries out individual projects in Puntland State of Somalia. The WCF president monitors these ongoing activities.

WCF is committed ending vulnerable gender based-violence & harmful practices and peace building ending preventable maternal death, Advancing health and reproductive rights, reduction of  new HIV infections ,access to education ,ensuring economic and environmental justice and fostering social change. WFCF reach vulnerable pregnant women , children living with HIV and youth in places like refugee camps, IDPS, rural slums and isolated villages-providing them what they need to thrive and link them Health care for early prevention and treatments.