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Department of General Surgery

Center for General Surgery focuses on applying the latest operative procedures with non- invasive or minimally invasive techniques that reduce scarring, pain and post- operative recovery time in every specialty. Minimally Invasive Procedures have proven equal success rates, with faster recovery times, lesser pain and reduced blood loss.

Treatments Minimally Invasive Procedures can be applied in the following areas:

Vascular: varicose veins, venous insufficiency, peripheral vascular disease
Urological: Kidney disorders, kidney cysts, kidney stones, kidney blockage, kidney donation, prostate cancer, incontinence, vaginal prolapse.
General: Pancreatic cancer, benign pancreatic lesions, hernias, severe gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), liver tumors (benign and malignant), gallbladder cancer, obesity (gastric bypass, bariatric surgery, gastric banding), gastrointestinal/rectal conditions, hernias (paraesophageal, ventral, hiatal or incisional)
Head and Neck: Skull base brain tumors, anterior cranial fossa (front skull base) tumors, posterior cranial fossa (back of the skull base) tumors.