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Department of Kidney and Renal Diseases

The Waddani Center for Kidney Diseases & Renal Transplant is a comprehensive department that offers services in all facets of Nephrology. This integrated center, headed by some of the most skilled nephrologists and transplant surgeons, treats the whole range of rare as well as common renal disorders through medical and surgical procedures, along with performing renal transplants. The center also presents convenient options of hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis expertly carried out under sterile and comfortable environments. The team of medical experts at Waddani Hospitals has extensively trained under internationally renowned nephrologists and transplant surgeons, and has vast experience of working in international as well as national set-ups. Modern technology is applied in every diagnostic and surgical procedure, resulting in enhanced recovery times, superior clinical outcomes and accurate diagnosis



Haemodialysis is a procedure where a machine fitted with a dialyzer filters blood and removes wastes and excess fluids from the body. Dialysis helps to control blood pressure and maintain the body’s proper balance of essential elements. Continental Hospitals features a state of the art 30 bedded Hemodialsys Unit, equipped with Fresenius Hemodialysis machines. Our Hemodialysis Unit has been designed keeping in mind the special needs of patients afflicted with Chronic Kidney Disease. The dialysis procedures are carried out by qualified and competent technicians along with trained nurses, who are under the direct guidance of our Nephrologists. Our strict infection policy ensures that all staff and equipment is constantly monitored for strict adherence. Our dialyses are reprocessed through Renatron, and dialyses tubing are never reused. For patients diagnosed with Hepatitis B & C, we offer dialysis in isolated areas. Our top most priority is to ensure all our patients have a relaxed and comfortable dialysis experience, in a safe and sterile environment.