1. To end preventable maternal death in isolated rural areas, IDPS and refugee camps.
  2. To end gender-based violence and harmful practices in IDPS & refugee camps.
  3. To improve Treatment and Care for women & Children Living with HIV.
  4. To Address immediate needs of marginalized & backward societies.
  5. To Increase accessibility to health care ;Utilizing our Hospital resources we provide a flexible model of health care provision to reach remote ,rural communities, IDPS and refugee camps with no proper access to health care, health education and counselling.
  6. Rebuilding lives of most vulnerable communities/refugees/IDPS and Slums.
  7. Creating opportunities; in order to break the cycle of poverty and lack of opportunities for many of the marginalized communities and backward we empower and equip the young generation with soft skills as education is just as vital for the healing of the entire community.
  8. To ensure relief and aid goes where it is needed most. WCF always strive to be fast, lean, effective and work with the vulnerable communities hand in hand until our disaster relief projects turns into successful longer term development projects.
  9. To create and reorient health awareness in society in order to promote their health, hygiene and sanitation.
  10. To undertake research and development in a education and in the field of medicine.
  11. To empower Malnourishment children through nutrition.